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Permanent Color Cream

SKU: picasso permanent paint

Permanent Color Cream Picasso from BB|One
Maximum result. 100% grey hair colouring and effective lightening
palette: 148 shades, 27 groups

The pride of long-terms reasearches and development is a perfect balanced formula of resistant color picasso effctively lightens, pigmets and tones all hair types.
Working in the cortex layer of hair, gently affects the melanin pigments, replacing them with their own pigments and nourishing hair with related keratin proteins, which helps to strenghten hair in the process of coloring.

Permanent color cream picasso from BB|One is based on the ceramide a2 technology and enriched with nourishing oils. Ceramide a2 retains moisture inside the hair, replenishes the hydro-balance, fills the intercellular space, creating additional protection on the surface of the hair from external negative factors.

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