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BIOPLASTICA Cool Strawberry THERMO MASK step 2, volume 500 ml.

Bioplastics Cool Strawberry Thermo Mask step 2 has a pH of 3.5, contains caring oils and amino acids, making it ideal for the Slavic type of hair. Suitable for curly, wavy, naughty, fluffy and thin hair, as well as for mixed hair. Works successfully with colored and clarified hair of low, medium and high damage. Gently and carefully straightens, nourishes and strengthens hair, removes fluffiness, gives shine and fixes the styling.

Action: 4-6 months

Active ingredients: hydrolyzed keratin, ojon oil, extracts of strawberry, tamarind and wheat germ, tomato oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil.

Does not contain formaldehyde, does not make hair greasy. Holding time – up to 10 minutes.

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